The Book of

I. Scripture in the light of Calvary              ch. 1-11

His Desire                        1:1-17

A.  Called to be                    1:1-4
1a.) The preacher v. 1
2a.) The promise v. 2
3a.) The Person v. 3-4

B.  Not ashamed                  1:5-17
1b.) Given favor v. 5-7
2b.) Given security v. 8-17
        v. 8 Testimony
        v. 9-10 Prayers
        v. 11-12 Spiritual gift
        v. 13-15 Personal price
        v. 16-17 Saving faith

Who Is Guilty                1:18-3:20

A.  Without excuse             1:18-2:16
1a.) We had the truth  v. 18-20
2a.) We are ignorant  v. 21-23
3a.) We are indulgent  v. 24-27
4a.) We are impenitent  v. 28-32
5a.) We are therefore inexcusable  2:1-16
v. 1-4 The hypocrite and the truth
        v. 5-10 The mirage of privilege
        v. 11-16 The impartial Judge

B.  To the Jew                    2:17-3:8
1b.) The good  v. 17-20
v. 17-18 Their creed
        v. 19-20 Their call
2b.) The bad  v. 21-24
3b.) The ugly  2:25-3:8
        v. 25-29 False security:  ritual vs. reality
        3:1-8 False direction:  The “what ifs”…

C.  And all the world          3:9-20
1c.) We are all under sin  v. 9-12
2c.) We are all consumed by our sin  v. 13-18
3c.) We are all under the law  v. 19-20

Justification                   3:21-5:21

A.  Justified by faith                 3:21-28
1a.) The revelation  v. 21-23
2a.) The reality  v. 24-26
3a.) The resolution  v. 27-28

B.  The righteousness of faith        3:29-5:11
1b.) Faith is the foundation  v. 29-31
2b.) Faith is the only way to grace  v. 4:1-5
3b.) Faith is the only way to be saved  v. 6-13
4b.) Faith is reckoned as righteousness  v. 14-22
5b.) Faith is hope  4:23-5:2
6b.) The path of faith  v. 3-11

C.  The gift of righteousness          5:12-21
1c.) The genesis  v. 12-14
        Adam to Moses
2c.) The revelation  v. 15-17
        Moses to Jesus
3c.) The Propitiation  v. 18-21
        Jesus to Eternity

Sanctification              6:1-8:27

A.  The infirmity of your flesh         6:1-23
1a.) Sin has been amputated  v. 1-14
2a.) Sin has been forced to yield  v. 15-23

B.  The motions of sins       7:1-25
1b.) The drive of a spiritual man  v. 1-6
2b.) The drive of a natural man  v. 7-13
3b.) The drive of a carnal man  v. 14-25

C.  The Spirit of adoption               8:1-27
1c.) The freedom of the Spirit  v. 1-4
2c.) The mind of the Spirit  v. 5-13
3c.) The adoption of the Spirit  v. 14-17
4c.) The new hope the Spirit reveals  v. 18-25
5c.) The intercession of the Spirit  v. 26-27

Appropriation                 8:28-11:36

A.  To them who are the called       8:28-39
1a.) God’s plan  v. 28
2a.) God’s people  v. 28
3a.) God’s purpose  v. 29-30
4a.) Eternally secure  v. 31-39

B.  They are not all Israel which are of Israel            9:1-33
1b.) A disclosed Israel  v. 1-7
2b.) A fractured Israel  v. 8-24
3b.) A unified Israel  v. 25-33

C.  That they might be saved          10:1-21
1c.) Saved from ignorance  v. 1-4
2c.) Saved from an unattainable salvation  v. 5-13
3c.) Saved from unbelief  v. 14-21

D.  According to the election           11:1-36
1d.) The elected remnant  v. 1-6
2d.) The rejected blind  v. 7-10
3d.) The providential fall  v. 11-15
4d.) The engrafted branches  v. 16-24
5d.) The mystery concluded  v. 25-32
6d.) The God that made it all possible  v. 33-36

II.  The socially contracted Christian          ch. 12-15:14

The Socially Contracted Christian         12-15:14

A.  One body                      12:1-13:14
1a.) I will grow  v. 1-8
2a.) I will love  v. 9-21
        v. 9-11 In good times
        v. 12 And in bad
        v. 13-21 In sickness and in health
3a.) I will acquiesce  13:1-10
        To Terrestrial law  v. 1-7
        To Heavenly law  v. 8-10
4a.) I will not sleep  v. 11-14
        v. 11-12 Wake up
        v. 12-13 Clean up
        v. 14 Grow up

B.  With one mind and one mouth                           14:1-15:14
1b.) Unified in weakness  v. 1-15
2b.) Unified in faith  v. 16-23
3b.) Unified in strength  15:1-14

III.  Valediction                                           ch. 15:15-16
A.  Putting you in mind                    15:15-33
B.  As becometh saints                     16:1-2
C.  Helpers in Christ                         16:3-16
D.  The doctrine which ye have learned                   16:17-20
E.  Kinsmen                                     16:21-24
F.  According to the revelation         16:25-27


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