The Believer's Guide To The Book Of Romans:

A Fundamental Look At A Fundamental Book



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This website is dedicated to "rightly dividing the word of truth".  It is not intended to be passed off as solely original.  Without Spirit led Preachers, Teachers and Lovers of the Word of God I would not have near the grasp.  I am simply adding to the accumulation of knowledge of God's Word.

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I have completed the Romans study but will be compiling and working out the notes on the remainder of the commentary for some time.  However, I am going to regularly post new series geared to be more compact.  It will allow me to cover more ground and varieties of topics.  I will post all new lessons below.  Please feel free to make use of them to God's glory.






We are going to embark on an area of study that affects everyone of us.  Let me prove it to you by asking you this one question:  Has there ever been a time when you felt like things in your life had been sabotaged?  No doubt, everyone who has ever lived has felt like that at one time or another.  Well, what does your Bible have to say about that?  Quite a lot actually, as we are going to find out as we delve into its pages.  We are going to recount some familiar stories and some not so familiar.  Our search for the saboteurs is going to take us on a grand journey; one that not only confronts our fears, habits and insecurities but also helps us stand against them.  Something else that is going help bring this study to life is the theme itself, “Sabotaged”.  There are many places in the pages of history that we can turn to for real examples of sabotage but how about we take a page out of our own history, the Revolutionary War to be exact.  Washington knew he could never win the fight outright so, he picked his battles.  What we are going to use to supplement our study is how exactly he picked those battles.  And that is where our theme, “Sabotaged”, comes into play.  Washington had a secret spy ring and it was their efforts that swung the war in our favor.  Six of those spies played a pivotal role in staking our nation’s claim to independence.  We are going to weave together two of history’s greatest stories, the Bible and the birth of our nation, learning valuable truths in the process.  So, I invite you to come be a part of this special event – “Sabotaged”.

Has It Crossed Your Mind?
Who isn't busy these days?  It seems like there is always something that needs to be done.  Because of that rarely does it cross our minds that there might just be spiritual needs that aren't being met.  God's holy Word is all about getting things to cross our minds.  So in this study our aim will be to ask the question, "Has It Crossed Your Mind?".  Together we are going to comb through the Gospel in this unique Christological study.  We are going to select key passages of Scripture and then turn them inward on ourselves to get an honest answer to this very important question.

Going The Distance
As believers we go toe to toe with some pretty big demons.  While some of those demons are "common" to all, others only become problematic if you toy with them.  In this study we are going to examine seven of the biggest struggles that we as believers tend to face during our walk with Christ.  We are going to base this series on the seven "spirits" that Jesus alludes to in Matthew 12:43-45.  In those verses the Lord says that after those "seven other spirits" entered into this man's life "the last state of that man is worse than the first".  The way He put that got me to thinking about boxing.  What if we looked at these verses in terms of a sports analogy, what if we assigned a weight class to each of these seven demons?  And then on top of that let's pick a boxer who best associates with each of the demons we have to face.  Christian, what is your greatest struggle?  Join us in this study and together we'll go the distance!!!

The Believer’s Guide To Spiritual Warfare
This series is based on the workbook by John Franklin and Chuck Lawless, “Spiritual Warfare: Biblical Truth for Victory”.  But instead of just teaching it verbatim I am working through it from a fundamental standpoint.  The actual workbook is a more interactive experience, as mine tends to be a deeper analysis on the topic of Spiritual Warfare.  There is a lot of misinformation out there, along with grandiose fantasies of supernatural abilities that more parallel an occult loving entertainment industry than they do Bible.  If you want an honest look into what Spiritual Warfare is really all about, then by all means join me in this study.

The Believerer's Guide To Hell
Man in all of his sophistication finds the idea that there is not only a place called Hell but that he fully deserves to go to such a place offensive.  But it is we that have offended God.  And it is only by His grace that we are ransomed.  As "a sheep before her shearers is dumb", we too are dumb of a placed called Hell and what it is that awaits the dumb there.  Hell is fundamental to the faith and when it gets ignored or taken out all together it ceases to be the faith.  Instead it becomes philosophy; I'll never get why preachers and teachers build churches on only certain fundamental building blocks.  We wouldn't drive cars that they intentionally left certain parts out of, we wouldn't live in houses that were only partially constructed either.  So, why do we as believers embrace an incomplete faith so often? 

The Believer's Guide To Heaven
There is a song that one of the music ministries that we have pass through our church sings, that I have loved ever since the first time I heard them sing it.  The name of the song is “Thinking About Home”.  In my adult Sunday School class we’ve just begun a series that deals with that very topic, our heavenly home.  While there are more verses than you would think on the subject of Heaven, the average believer knows relatively little about where they are going to spend eternity.  Heaven is a place none of us has ever seen but there isn’t a person that hasn’t felt, what can only be described as a, spiritual ache for it.  If you’ve been looking for a way to draw closer to God, I can’t think of a better way than to acquaint yourself with the place the Lord himself went to “prepare… for you”, Heaven.

The Believer's Guide To The Book Of Jude
How do you stay true to God in times of apostasy?  You do it with doctrine.  We live in an age of open rebellion where the mere suggestion that God has standards, that there is a right way and a wrong way to interperate Scripture raises ire from even professed Christians these days.  How is it that someone who is supposed to love God and His Word could get offended by someone contending for the very same faith that they claim to hold so dear?  Jude exposes how.  It happens when "the faith", a doctrine that was "once delivered", is not fundamentally understood. 

The Believer's Guide To Jesus' 40 Day Walk To Ascension
This is a topic that there is surprisingly little out there on.  The only solid resource that I found is the book, "40 Days:  Encountering Jesus Between the Resurrection and Ascension" by Alton L. Gansky.  From the jigsaw puzzle of events that transpired that first Easter morning to the clouds that "received" Him forty days later; this study is robust with biblical symbolism that the casual worship of today neglects or misses altogether.  While the Lord has no doubt left some things to the license of imagination, others strike right to the heart of Fundamentalism.

The Great And The Terrible Day
This series is based on the book by Max Lucado, "When Christ Comes"  It is a good read, especially for those who are curious or those who just have no concept of what God has in store for believers.  It is a book of inspiration and hope and is well worth the time.  However, this "day" gets referred to by many names in Scripture; to gloss over that is to tell only half of the story.  It is through a fundamental analysis that I seek to make plain the importance of that.

The Believer's Guide To Some Unsung Heroes Of The Faith
This series is based on a series of messages originally brought by Pastor Daniel Dennis.  After hearing them on the church website, I knew I had to share them with my own class.  My lessons are a reinterpretation of those, which Bro. Dennis has graciously allowed me to put online.  Please visit Thomas Road Baptist Church for access to this and so much more!